Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The enrolment to services offered by the Ski School Châtel Sensations implies the full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Article I: ACTORS

All Ski School Châtel Sensations’ instructors followed a course certified by the State and their teaching methods are recognised at the national and international levels. Participation in the lessons is subject to their appreciation of physical and moral skills.

Ski learning takes place in an environment characterised by its unpredictable nature. Its practice requires therefore the learners to pay attention personally to their own safety as well as the others'. The instructor's responsability is limited to an obligation of means, participation to lessons does not exclude a certain level of autonomy from the learner. It is the responsibility of the learner to comply with the teacher's instructions. Furthermore, participation in the lessons requires good health (except particular cases that have been notified in advance) and material adapted to winter sports.

The ski school Châtel Sensations is not responsible for accidents caused by participants in the lessons.


The ski school Châtel Sensations is open when the station is open. During school holidays, it is highly recommended to book lessons in advance.

The school offers two kinds of teaching.

I - Collective lessons

Collective lessons are held from Sunday to Friday during school holidays and from Monday to Friday outside school holidays.

Lessons can be taught in groups as of the age of 3 in the Kiddies' Garden ("Jardin des Pitchounes"). No repayment shall be granted, if the parent decides to take the child out of the group or if the instructor considers that the child disturbs the teaching of skiing because of her/his young age. We would like to stress that this is an initiation aimed at discovering the pleasures of gliding, adapted to their age and physical capacities. This learning must remain a pleasure, in order to transmit to the youngest our passion for skiing.

The good progress of lessons is subject to the skiers' homogeneous level, which the client must tell before the booking. Given that, practically speaking, it is impossible for the instructors to check the level of every skier before her/his enrolment, the skier is responsible for the choice of the technical level she/he has selected, according to the table established by the Ski School Châtel Sensations. In case of lying about the child's age, the ski school disclaims any responsibility in the event of an accident and has the right to exclude the pupil without indemnity nor reimbursement.

As a consequence, the Ski School Châtel Sensations reserves the right to re-enrol in a group better adapted to her/his level the skier whose level would not correspond to the one she/he declared, subject to the other groups’ capacities. The skier will therefore not be able to claim any reimbursement or compensation due to her/his own declaration.

All our courses take place subject to a minimum of five people. Otherwise, the Ski School Châtel Sensations reserves the right to mix two levels, to start courses on Monday, to reduce the length of the course or to cancel it.

Our collective courses are limited to twelve people and can change after the first day assessment; some of the participants may be redirected to a higher or lower level, in order for them to better progress and to keep a homogeneous level in the collective course.

For our "Supervision, assistance and Picnic" packages, the ski school takes care of monitoring and helping children during the lunch break, without being required to offer an animation during that time. The ski school claims no responsibility for food problems and material loss.

II - Individual Lessons

Individual lessons for 1 to 6 persons are also proposed. We can offer individual lessons to children as of 3 as well as experienced adults who want to perfect themselves. We also offer freeride lessons and an ARVA (avalanche victims' search beacon) is highly recommended. Furthermore, the client must be fully aware of the potential risks and that the instructor's presence cannot mitigate these risks because of her/his expertise.

III - Enrolment & payment methods

Enrolment to the courses shall be made through booking either at our offices on site, through our online sales platform or per email, or by phone before your holidays, subject to our availabilities and after agreement by you.

The client shall get informed about the school's availabilities before making any booking. In the event that the school would be unable to give the course, no repayment shall be made, given that the client was fully aware of that possibility.

Every person who books or pre-books a course and who paid the full fee or a deposit, has read and accepted all the provisions of these terms and conditions, without any possibility of repayment or any other type of compensation.

A 25% deposit will be asked for any booking. We also propose the possibility to pay the services in three instalments free of charge, except for individual lessons. For individual lessons, the ski school Châtel Sensations will have to ask for the full payment of the due amount before booking an instructor.

The Ski School Châtel Sensations only ensures the availability of the courses offered at the time when the contract is concluded, i.e. when the course tickets are picked up at the the Ski School Châtel Sensations’ secretariat.

ARTICLE III - Repayment terms & conditions

I - Rates

The Ski School Châtel Sensations’ rates are listed on the Ski School Châtel Sensations’s website, as well as on our brochures available at our office.

The rates listed include the teaching service delivered by a Ski School Châtel Sensations’s instructor, excluding any other service (medal, insurance, ski lift, accommodation, etc.), except for specific cases. As a consequence, before the scheduled course, the trainee will have to bring a pass to access the ski lift and an insurance of her/his choice that will cover her/him against the risks inherent to a sports practice in a mountain environment (civil responsibility, rescue services).

It is possible to take out a cancelation/interruption insurance: the Snowrisk insurance allows you to be reimbursed of deposits and amounts paid to the ski school, if you have to cancel or interrupt your stay in case of illness, accident and death (upon presentation of proofs). Therefore, in no case, the ski school will reimburse or give compensation if you cannot participate in the courses. You will have to contact this company if you chose this insurance.

II - Repayment

The ski school Châtel Sensations reserves the right to cancel or interrupt courses for differents reasons explained below and full accepted by the client, including:

- No withdrawal or cancelation by the trainee, justified in advance or not, will entail repayment or postponement.

- No service interrupted or not started because of insufficient physical and/or technical level will entail repayment or replacement of services.

- In case of course interruption for reasons beyond our control (interruption of ski lift, full closure of the station, bad weather conditions, insufficient safety measures, etc.), no repayment shall be made.

- Instructors reserve the right to modify, with or without previous notification, any program considered dangerous or inappropriate due to weather or safety conditions; in these cases, the participants shall not be reimbursed.

- The courses schedules can be modified according to the schedules of opening and closure of the ski lift, which can vary in case of exceptional circumstances.

- The Ski School Châtel Sensations reserves the right to cancel the course in the event that enrolments are insufficient. An individual lesson will then be proposed for the amount already paid.


Parties strive to find a friendly settlement to potential issues that might arise in the contract delivery.

All litigation regarding these general terms and conditions, no matter their nature, is subject to French civil and commerdial jurisdiction and law, including any summary proceedings.

Only the French version of this document is authentic.